Why Prefabricated - Kolanis

Why Prefabricated?

  • Short Delivery Time
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency
  • Maximum Antiseismic Capacity
  • Lower-Priced Constructions


  • Energy Efficiency <A>
  • Internal height 2.85
  • Life span more than 50 years
  • 2 years general warranty
  • 10-Year warranty on thermofacing
  • No humidity issues
  • Can be transferred at any time
  • Lower cost than build
  • Can be built with one or two floors
  • Can be expanded when needed
  • Short delivery time
  • Maximum anti-seismic capacity
  • Flexible in their design
  • Future changes or additions or interior layout changes are easier, faster and cheaper

The reasons that make metal constructions cheaper are:

  • The constructions of these houses in relation to the appropriate choice of the outer casing (walls) can achieve a construction with excellent energy efficiency
  • The construction of the frame is done at the factory and not at the construction site
  • The metal frame is much lighter than the one with reinforced concrete
  • The foundation is smaller in volume
  • Reduction of construction costs up to 25%
  • Drywall is fast to install and of consistent quality

All the constructions will be done according to the plans, technical specifications and instructions of the management and the designers of the company Dim. Kolanis Modular Constructions. The quality of the constructions will be in line with the high standards set jointly by the company and the designers of the project, which are in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Republic of Cyprus.